Announcing Radical's Series Seed

Today we are excited to share that Radical has secured a $4.5 million Series Seed, an important step on our journey to building high-altitude solar-powered aircraft. The funding round was led by Scout Ventures with additional backing from investors including Inflection and Y Combinator. We are thankful and proud to have the support of investors who recognize the potential awaiting in the stratosphere. 

At Radical, we are driven by the goal of revolutionizing how we connect and monitor our planet. Our high-altitude, solar-powered aircraft are engineered to operate autonomously in the stratosphere, flying over targeted areas for months without the need to land. This capability allows us to provide continuous cell service, collect high-resolution imagery, and carry crucial weather and climate sensors, all while maintaining zero emissions. The potential to transform telecommunications, environmental monitoring, and many other fields is immense and exciting.

With this funding, we are set to accelerate the development of our stratospheric solar drone technology. This means expanding our team and scaling our technology so we can meet the needs of our customers as soon as possible. 

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Radical thus far and even more excited about what lies ahead. If you’re interested in joining us as we move forward, we’re hiring!

- James & Cyriel

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